PAC Oil Barrels

PAC Drilling Co. is a privately held oil and gas development company steeped in the rich history
and tradition of drilling and developing oil and gas fields throughout Ohio and the Appalachian Basin.  PAC is located in Bolivar, Ohio and is partnered with the very best professionals in the oil
and natural gas industry.

PAC Drilling Co. has a vested interest in each and every well it develops.  PAC employs operating technicians to oversee each and every well to maximize its productivity and longevity.  Prospective drill sites include the potential recovery of natural gas & oil reserves through (state-of-the-art) exploratory & re-entry techniques.  PAC's objective is to contribute to American energy independence through the profitable development, operation and marketing of oil and natural gas wells within established fields in the continental United States.

Company Size
Size matters. Especially in the corporate world and even more so in the oil and gas industry. From acquiring attractive leases to reacting to field circumstances, timing is everything. PAC Drilling's competitive edge is its ability to shorten the timeline between analysis and required action. The company is particularly proud of its record to drill, complete and sell product from wells within an average of 30-45 days. Because of its size, PAC Drilling feels it has the efficiency and adaptability necessary to remain successful and profitable while competing against much larger companies.

PAC Drilling Wells Success Rate
Since its inception in 2005, all wells drilled by PAC Drilling are deemed to be economically productive and currently producing natural gas, oil, or a combination thereof. Although "amazing", this success rate did not occur by chance. Early on the founders of PAC realized a small company could not afford to take big risks. Researching state records and utilizing other technical data, the decision was made to focus the company's activities on developmental drilling, not exploratory drilling. In simplified terms, developmental drilling is defined as drilling next to proven or producing wells, or drilling on sites that are viewed as an extension of the targeted geological formations.

PAC Drilling Dollars Economic Maximazation
Although the domestic price for a barrel of oil shows a small daily variance between purchasers, not so with the price of natural gas. Through analysis, professional contacts and an understanding of the markets, PAC Drilling has been able to consistently sell natural gas from its wells at a price above the average price for natural gas in the state of Ohio.

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